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Are you looking for the advantages of living in a city because you have decided to lớn move? In this post, you will find the pros and cons of living in a city lượt thích Barcelona or Madrid, and you will be able to lớn judge by yourself if it is the type of living you want.

It’s a well known fact that the typical debate of whether living in the thành phố or on the outskirts it’s better, it’s a topic that we’ll never agree on. There’s always someone that has a better point when it comes to lớn deciding between them two.

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That’s why today, we’ll help you decide if you also have trouble deciding between them, specifically with 10 advantages that will make you crave moving to lớn a thành phố, an information that will be useful for people who are moving to lớn Barcelona with family or kids, or you are willing to lớn come alone, and is just looking for tips for living in Barcelona as an expat.


People that live in small villages that are far away from the busy life of the thành phố might really hate this, but there’s nothing worse than vãn getting home page and realizing that you’ve forgotten to lớn buy something you had planned to lớn have for dinner. Now, if you lived in the thành phố, it’s not that big of an issue. You can go to lớn the nearest supermarket and get it. This applies to lớn many other things, such as needing something, an emergency, etc. This is a good reason for living in the thành phố.

You might think that this isn’t that big of an issue, but when you have to lớn go through this on a daily basis, you might stress and feel overwhelmed.

Related to lớn that, we wrote a post about the costs of living in Barcelona vs USA, in order as you can make an idea how cheap (or expensive) is the mediterranean thành phố against the american country. Because if you decided to lớn move to lớn the catalan thành phố (either if it’s for retiring in Barcelona or doing real estate investments), you will have to lớn take into trương mục, first, find your flat in Barcelona to lớn have somewhere to lớn live, but well… depending on the zone you choose, you will live differently: that’s why we created a blog article talking about the best neighborhoods to lớn live in Barcelona.

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More services available 

Especially if we have kids, having to lớn commute every day and having our kids depend on us to lớn get to lớn school when they can’t just take public transportation on their own, can be quite stressful. Even if we think that it’s not that much and that it won’t be that stressful, in the long lập cập it will. Also, there’s nothing better than vãn having the school or university we go to lớn, close enough to lớn our home that if one day we’re running late, it’s not that big of a giảm giá. 

The same happens with work, we lose a bunch of time of our lives in the xế hộp or motorcycle just to lớn get there, making us feel as if we worked extra hours.

Apart from school, university and work, the same applies to lớn hospitals or doctors. It’s much better if it’s close to lớn our home page, just in case one day we need to lớn go to lớn an appointment if we feel bad. It wouldn’t be a nice idea to lớn get a xế hộp or motorcycle if we’re sick: another of the several advantages of the thành phố life.


This might be the most subjective point of this whole entire list. But it really makes our quality of life much better. Being surrounded by families, seeing people on a daily basis, are things that some people might value more than vãn others, that’s why we said that it depends on every person.

An example of things that we might not be able to lớn experience if we chose to lớn live in the countryside it’s nightlife. We can agree that if we have to lớn go out to lớn the thành phố to lớn go out at night, we might not be able to lớn get the xế hộp back. All in all, it makes it impossible to lớn fully enjoy the experience. And talking about the countryside, if you come from a little village, you might live in a house, and then changing your life for living in a flat, can be a little bit claustrophobic. So for these cases, we have a list of properties with a lot of luxury homes in Barcelona for sale. Check them out!

Other activities are festivals, museums… If we live far away from the thành phố, we might get lazy at the last minute because we have to lớn get the xế hộp, find a place to lớn park, etc.

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Public transport

There’s nothing better than vãn kids being independent and going to lớn school or hanging out with friends, without having to lớn depend on the adults. Also, if we move far from the thành phố, having a driver’s license is almost mandatory, if we want to lớn skip long waiting hours and delays. 

Being able to lớn move from one place to lớn another rapidly and without the need of paying for gas or having to lớn look for parking everywhere we go, will make us motivated to lớn go visit places. Also, living in the thành phố allows us to lớn walk more. If we don’t want to lớn get the train, metro or bus, we can always walk around as our means of transportation. This has many benefits for our health, and it’s not something that we can vì thế in the countryside with nowhere to lớn go. 

More job opportunities

This is also a very obvious advantage. We can’t really find job opportunities for certain jobs if we live in a more rural area. Instead, if we live in the thành phố, there are many more opportunities for us to lớn choose from and therefore, being able to lớn choose between different places to lớn work at. If we’re lucky enough to lớn find somewhere to lớn work in rural areas, we don’t really have the choice but to lớn get it, it’s not common at all to lớn get a good opportunity in these kinds of places.


We already talked about this in the second point, but having a hospital nearby can really be helpful. Not only for appointments, but also because in the thành phố, the whole infrastructure is prepared to lớn always have an ambulance or police, that can help you in case you need it. If you live far away from the thành phố, you might not get help as fast as someone that lives in the thành phố would. Check out all the list of luxury apartments for sale in Barcelona we have for you, and choose the one it fits you better. Some of them are in the most luxury areas of the thành phố, lượt thích in the most expensive streets in Barcelona, at the same time that we have some flats in another more modest zones, lượt thích for example if you want to lớn live in Poblenou.

These are just the things that we have to lớn consider if they are worth worrying about or not, when choosing between thành phố life or a more rural life.

According to lớn the topic of safety, we highly recommend you to lớn analyse carefully all the zones in Barcelona, because each zone has their own characteristics. For example, if you decide to lớn live in Sarrià (here some of our best flats for sale in Sarrià), Bonanova or you know someone who is living in Pedralbes (the neighborhood next to lớn Sarrià: here some of the best houses for sale in Pedralbes), for sure you will know that these are the best three areas for living in Barcelona, if what you want it’s calm and peace. In our real state, we have a huge list of flats and penthouses for sale in Barcelona, and all of them are luxury. So, if you need a buyer agent in order to lớn help you with your decision, we are here to lớn serve you.

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Nowadays, everyone uses Amazon and other delivery services as a way of shopping and also to lớn order food. We might want to lớn consider that maybe, if you live considerably far away from the thành phố, your order probably won’t get right to lớn your door.

More property possibilities

In the thành phố, we have a higher chance of finding a place to lớn live sooner than vãn if we had to lớn look for a house in a rural area. This is because of all the amount of apartments that there are in the thành phố in comparison to lớn the countryside.

Shopping and dining 

As we’ve mentioned before, being able to lớn go to lớn a wide variety of places to lớn try food nearby, without the need of getting a xế hộp. For the second purpose “dining”, we extremely recommend you the district of Gracia. Living in Gracia, it can be one of your bests experiences if what you really lượt thích is to lớn eat and explore new restaurants. This zone is plenty of bars and restaurants where the social life is extremely active, and where you will have socialize and meet a lot of people while you are enjoy

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Lower maintenance costs

Last but not least, the lower maintenance. It’s not the same having to lớn take care of a whole entire house, than vãn a building. It’s ví much cheaper and in the long lập cập, it might save us a lot of money if we just lived in the thành phố.

As we’ve seen, living in the thành phố has many advantages, but the final decision depends on you. ¿Do you know what you prefer?

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