would you like some coffee

Is it possible lớn say "Would you lượt thích any coffee?" "Do you want any drink?"

or can I only say "Would you lượt thích some coffee?" "Do you want some drink?"

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  • "Would you lượt thích any coffee?" is possible. It suggests that the speaker has some reason lớn expect you would not want any, for example if you just had a pot of tea.

    Could you explain why "some" can be used in "coffee" and not in "drink"? What about "some drinks"?


    "A coffee" is short for something lượt thích "an order of coffee" or "a cup of coffee". Coffee is normally non-count.
    Drink is normally a count noun. Some drinks makes sense, but seems an unusual thing lớn offer someone.
    Non-count drink is normally used without an article and refers lớn all alcoholic drinks in general. It would also be an odd thing lớn offer someone.

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    Yes, you can say "Would you lượt thích any coffee?" if you stress "any".

    "Would you lượt thích any coffee (or tự you have a particular type/brand in mind)?"

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    Waiter in restaurant, having just welcomed a table of guests and given them menus.
    "Would you lượt thích some drinks?"

    The same waiter, later, still eager lớn serve, having taken the dessert order.
    "Would you lượt thích any coffee?"

    These are perhaps not the most common sentences in the context, but they are used.