my dad said that i'd better spend more time on my


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My dad said that I'd better spend more time on my ____.

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He has got a degree ____ Information Technology from Oxford University.

I don't really ____ the point of taking the exam when you are not ready for it.

If you're not sure what “something” means, look it ____ in the dictionary.

Mrs Dawson said that we are ____ our lesson in the library next Monday.

My dad wants bủ to tướng go to tướng university, but I'm in ____ minds about it.

Yesterday, we had a discussion ____ different cultures.

I still have a lot ____ about the English language.

Belinda missed a few months of school because of illness and found it difficult to tướng keep ____ with her classmates.

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If you need to tướng ____ the teacher's attention, just put up your hand.

I did six hours of ____ for the test, but I still failed.

Please, don't forget ____ your essays during Friday's lesson.

Australians and New Zealanders often have a/an ____ year before going to tướng college or after finishing high school to tướng travel overseas independently.

It's my ____ ceremony next week; I think my parents are looking forward to tướng it more kêu ca I am.

Going to tướng university is expensive because in addition to tướng the tuition ____, there are expenses for accommodation, books, living costs, etc.

When I got to tướng 16, some of my friends left school to tướng get a job, but most ____.

The more ____ you have, the more chance you have of finding a better job.

Next year, I have to tướng decide which area of medicine I want to tướng ____ in.

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I got a diploma in business administration, but still sometimes wish I had been able to tướng go to tướng university and get a ____.

[CLOSEST in meaning ] When you sit for the exam tomorrow, try to tướng stay calm and relaxed.

[CLOSEST in meaning ] If the examiner can't make sense of what your essay is about, you'll get the low mark.