jenifer rejected the job offer. she now regrets it


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Bạn đang xem: jenifer rejected the job offer. she now regrets it

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Jenifer rejected the job offer. She now regrets it.

Jenifer regrets not having rejected the job offer.


If only Jenifer didn’t reject the job offer.


Jenifer wishes she hadn’t rejected the job offer.


Jenifer regrets đồ sộ reject the job offer.

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We couldn't solve the problem until our teacher arrived.


Not until we solved the problem could our teacher arrive.


When our teacher arrived, we solved the problem.


Until our teacher arrived, we were able đồ sộ solve the problem.


Not until our teacher arrived could we solve the problem.

Let’s begin our discussion now, ________?

My sister _________ for you for an hour.

Susan is fed ________ with the housework.

The more he slept,…………….irritable he became.

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There are many ______ in our library.


old American interesting history books


interesting old American history books


interesting American old history books


American interesting old history books

Before I ___________ for that job, I _________________ my parents for advice.

_______ he had enough money, he refused đồ sộ buy a new xế hộp.

, . his employees will have worked for two hours.


By the time the quấn arrives


only when the quấn arrives

every major judo title, Mark retired from international competition.

Judo players are______to their opponents and bow đồ sộ each other before and after a contest.

Lucy was late for school this morning because the alarm didn’t __________as usual.

________ these books đồ sộ the library, as they will soon overdue.

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He sent his children đồ sộ the park sánh that he could have some______.

I’ve never really enjoyed going đồ sộ the ballet or the opera; they’re not really my_______.

___________ are that they'll be late anyway, sánh we’d better wait for them for another moment.