during the last hundred years we have done great to the environment


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During the last hundred years we have done great ____ to lớn the environment.

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Do you know what CFC ____?

There's has been a steady rise in the average temperature around the planet over the last hundred years or so sánh, and the majority of scientists put it ____ to lớn human activity.

Most of the air pollution results ____ the burning of fossil fuels, motor vehicles, factories, aircraft and rockets.

Stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.


coexist peacefully with

Water pollution is a result of dumping pollutants such as detergents, pesticides, oil, and other chemicals in rivers, which makes the water unclean.

It is predicted that over the next few decades many species will die ____ as once fertile areas turn to lớn desert.

Thousands of acres of forest are being cut down every year and the ____ of many animals are being destroyed.

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Environmentalists are furious with the American Government for delaying measures which will reduce greenhouse gas ____.

Dinosaurs have been ____ for millions of years.

Speak to lớn an independent financial adviser for advice ………..personal pensions

He believe that his manager wanted to lớn ………. Him for personal reasons.

………….those who have already read the chapter, I won’t go into it too much detail here today.

Modern day agriculture practices _______ chemical products lượt thích pesticides and fertilizers to lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with local pests.

Current environmental problems make us vulnerable _______ disasters and tragedies, now and in the future.

If you put too much pressure ………him, he will make the wrong decision

An endangered species is a population of an organism which ………….of being extinct.

Good scientists always cooperate …………….each other no matter what their nationalities are.

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At present, timberlands cover 30% of the area, but wooded areas are being lost _______ a regular basis because people are looking for homes, food, and materials.

Consumption of fossil fuels at an alarming rate can _______ to lớn global warming which can further result in melting of polar ice caps and increase in sea levels.

She is so sánh determined that I just know nothing will get………… the way of her plans to lớn finish her thesis.